pynwb.ogen module

class pynwb.ogen.OptogeneticStimulusSite(name, source, device, description, excitation_lambda, location)

Bases: pynwb.core.NWBContainer

  • name (str) – The name of this stimulus site
  • source (str) – the source of the data
  • device (str) – Name of device in /general/devices
  • description (str) – Description of site.
  • excitation_lambda (str) – Excitation wavelength.
  • location (str) – Location of stimulation site.
class pynwb.ogen.OptogeneticSeries(name, source, data, site, unit='Watt', resolution=0.0, conversion=1.0, timestamps=None, starting_time=None, rate=None, comments='no comments', description='no description', control=None, control_description=None, parent=None)

Bases: pynwb.base.TimeSeries

Optogenetic stimulus. The data field is in unit of watts.

  • name (str) – The name of this TimeSeries dataset
  • source (str) – Name of TimeSeries or Modules that serve as the source for the data contained here. It can also be the name of a device, for stimulus or acquisition data
  • data (ndarray or list or tuple or Dataset or DataChunkIterator or DataIO or TimeSeries) – The data this TimeSeries dataset stores. Can also store binary data e.g. image frames
  • site (OptogeneticStimulusSite) – Name of site description in general/optogentics.
  • unit (str) – Value is the string “Watt”.
  • resolution (float) – The smallest meaningful difference (in specified unit) between values in data
  • conversion (float) – Scalar to multiply each element by to conver to volts
  • timestamps (ndarray or list or tuple or Dataset or DataChunkIterator or DataIO or TimeSeries) – Timestamps for samples stored in data
  • starting_time (float) – The timestamp of the first sample
  • rate (float) – Sampling rate in Hz
  • comments (str) – Human-readable comments about this TimeSeries dataset
  • description (str) – Description of this TimeSeries dataset
  • control (Iterable) – Numerical labels that apply to each element in data
  • control_description (Iterable) – Description of each control value
  • parent (NWBContainer) – The parent NWBContainer for this NWBContainer