Source code for pynwb.ogen

from hdmf.utils import docval, popargs, get_docval, popargs_to_dict

from . import register_class, CORE_NAMESPACE
from .base import TimeSeries
from .core import NWBContainer
from .device import Device

[docs] @register_class('OptogeneticStimulusSite', CORE_NAMESPACE) class OptogeneticStimulusSite(NWBContainer): """Optogenetic stimulus site.""" __nwbfields__ = ('device', 'description', 'excitation_lambda', 'location') @docval({'name': 'name', 'type': str, 'doc': 'The name of this stimulus site.'}, {'name': 'device', 'type': Device, 'doc': 'The device that was used.'}, {'name': 'description', 'type': str, 'doc': 'Description of site.'}, {'name': 'excitation_lambda', 'type': float, 'doc': 'Excitation wavelength in nm.'}, {'name': 'location', 'type': str, 'doc': 'Location of stimulation site.'}) def __init__(self, **kwargs): args_to_set = popargs_to_dict(('device', 'description', 'excitation_lambda', 'location'), kwargs) super().__init__(**kwargs) for key, val in args_to_set.items(): setattr(self, key, val)
[docs] @register_class('OptogeneticSeries', CORE_NAMESPACE) class OptogeneticSeries(TimeSeries): ''' Optogenetic stimulus. The data field is in unit of watts. ''' __nwbfields__ = ('site',) @docval(*get_docval(TimeSeries.__init__, 'name'), # required {'name': 'data', 'type': ('array_data', 'data', TimeSeries), 'shape': (None, ), # required 'doc': 'The data values over time. Must be 1D.'}, {'name': 'site', 'type': OptogeneticStimulusSite, # required 'doc': 'The site to which this stimulus was applied.'}, *get_docval(TimeSeries.__init__, 'resolution', 'conversion', 'timestamps', 'starting_time', 'rate', 'comments', 'description', 'control', 'control_description', 'offset')) def __init__(self, **kwargs): site = popargs('site', kwargs) kwargs['unit'] = 'watts' super().__init__(**kwargs) = site