How to Make a Tutorial

Tutorials are define using sphinx-gallery. The sources of tutorials are stored in docs/gallery with each subfolder corresponding to a subsection in the tutorial gallery.

Create a new tutorial

  1. Add a new python file to the appropriate subfolder of docs/gallery.


If you want the output of code cells to be rendered in the docs, then simply include the prefix plot_ as part of the name of tutorial file. Tutorials without the prefix will render just the code cells and text.

  1. Add the names of any files created by running the python file to the files_to_remove variable in clean_up_tests() in This function will remove the created output files after the sphinx-gallery tests are completed.

  1. Optional: To specify an explicit position for your tutorial in the subsection of the gallery, update the GALLERY_ORDER variable of the CustomSphinxGallerySectionSortKey class defined in docs/source/ If you skip this step, the tutorial will be added in alphabetical order.

  2. Check that the docs are building correctly and fix any errors

cd docs
make html
  1. View the docs to make sure your gallery renders correctly

open docs/_build/html/index.html
  1. Make a PR to request addition of your tutorial

Create a new tutorial collection

To add a section to the tutorial gallery

  1. Create a new folder in docs/gallery/<new-section>

  2. Create a docs/gallery/<new-section>/README.txt file with the anchor name and title of the section, e.g.:

.. _my-new-tutorials:

My new tutorial section
  1. Add tutorials to the section by adding the tutorial files to the new folder