Installing PyNWB

PyNWB has the following minimum requirements, which must be installed before you can get started using PyNWB.

  1. Python 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, or 3.11

  2. pip


If you are a developer then please see the Installing PyNWB for Developers installation instructions instead.

Install release from PyPI

The Python Package Index (PyPI) is a repository of software for the Python programming language.

To install or update PyNWB distribution from PyPI simply run:

$ pip install -U pynwb

This will automatically install the following required dependencies:

  1. hdmf

  2. h5py

  3. numpy

  4. pandas

  5. python-dateutil

Install release from Conda-forge

Conda-forge is a community led collection of recipes, build infrastructure and distributions for the conda package manager.

To install or update PyNWB distribution from conda-forge using conda simply run:

$ conda install -c conda-forge pynwb

Install latest pre-release

This is useful to try out the latest features and also set up continuous integration of your own project against the latest version of PyNWB.

$ pip install -U pynwb --find-links  --no-index