pynwb.resources module

class pynwb.resources.HERD(keys=None, files=None, entities=None, objects=None, object_keys=None, entity_keys=None, type_map=None)[source]

Bases: HERD

HDMF External Resources Data Structure. A table for mapping user terms (i.e. keys) to resource entities.

  • keys (KeyTable) – The table storing user keys for referencing resources.

  • files (FileTable) – The table for storing file ids used in external resources.

  • entities (EntityTable) – The table storing entity information.

  • objects (ObjectTable) – The table storing object information.

  • object_keys (ObjectKeyTable) – The table storing object-key relationships.

  • entity_keys (EntityKeyTable) – The table storing entity-key relationships.

  • type_map (TypeMap) – The type map. If None is provided, the HDMF-common type map will be used.