pynwb.validate module

Command line tool to Validate an NWB file against a namespace.

pynwb.validate.validate(io=None, namespace=None, paths=None, use_cached_namespaces=True, verbose=False, driver=None)[source]

Validate NWB file(s) against a namespace or its cached namespaces.

NOTE: If an io object is provided and no namespace name is specified, then the file will be validated against the core namespace, even if use_cached_namespaces is True.

  • io (HDMFIO) – An open IO to an NWB file.

  • namespace (str) – A specific namespace to validate against.

  • paths (list) – List of NWB file paths.

  • use_cached_namespaces (bool) – Whether to use namespaces cached within the file for validation.

  • verbose (bool) – Whether or not to print messages to stdout.

  • driver (str) – Driver for h5py to use when opening the HDF5 file.


Validation errors in the file.

Return type:

list or list, bool


CLI wrapper around pynwb.validate.